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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why Indians Trust Suresh Prabhu with Indian Railways?

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The 61-year-old banker-cum-lawyer-cum-politician has set the railway system of India rolling ever since he became the railway minister. One of the most important men in the Modi cabinet, he has delivered a slew of initiatives to make India's railway system the best.

The last few years have seen Suresh Prabhu bringing in a slew of passenger-friendly reforms in his bid to pull the national transporter up from chronic under-investment and increase its spend by almost 285% over the next 5 years. 

Suresh Prabhu plan for billions of fund for redevelopment of railway stations. The fund, which has a tenure of seven years, is part of the minister's push to create a world-class experience for passengers. 

So in the next few years when you book a train ticket, expect these things:- 

Reach any part of India in just 12 hours 

  1. Humsafar Express: A fully AC train with optional service for meals 
  2. Tejas: It will showcase the future of train travel in India with operating speeds of 130 kmph 
  3. Uday Express: Overnight double-decker train, which will run on busiest of routes. It will have 40% more passenger capacity 
  4. Antyodaya Express: A superfast train for those travelling on long routes and will be fully unreserved 

Connect while you travel 

High-speed WiFi is already in place at key stations. Prabhu has a target of 400 stations by 2018. 

Choose your food 

Train passengers will soon be able to order burgers and pizzas of their choice on the Indian Railways website and have them delivered right to their coaches. For last-minute purchases, vendor boys will be waiting on platforms with ready-to-serve burgers, pizzas and Indian thalis. 

You are covered 

Railways launched a scheme allowing a person to get an insurance cover of up to Rs 10 lakh on booking a train ticket online by paying less than one rupee. A person booking a train ticket through the IRCTC website will be able to opt for travel insurance cover for a premium of 92 paise only. 

For the executives 

Suresh Prabhu is bringing the airport experience to railway stations with new 'executive lounges'.  Which will have facilities such as Wifi, buffet services, wash and change, concierge services for pre-departure and post-arrival assistance to passengers of all classes of travel. 

Increased number of coaches 

You don't have to fret over limited Rajdhani, Shatabdi seats. The Railways have increased the number of coaches in these trains so that more people can be accomodated. 

Clean my coach 

Passengers can demand cleaning of a toilet. The audit will be done by third party and action to be taken based on passenger feedback 

Most Important - Don't like something? Tweet it 

A responsive 24x7 complaint resolution mechanism employed through the use of social media is up and running. Tweet a problem or complaint and you shall get a prompt reply from the Indian railways.

There is much more for Indian Rail Travellers - http://bit.ly/2wwt4EV
Courtesy - IndiaTimes

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