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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Key Initiatives of Digitisation - by Indian Railways ( Suresh P. Prabhu )

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What are the key initiatives of digitisation?

A massive ERP system: 
With an Enterprise Resource Planning system in place, Indian Railways hopes to integrate data from various departments and use it for planning in real time. This includes automation of many backend functions while ensuring that all rail operations are online.

Digitising the supply chain: 
Payments and procurements will be made on a digital backbone, and the flow of funds and partners will be transparent to everyone. It would compel the suppliers to revamp their own business processes bringing about ripple effects in combating corruption.

Data analysis and usage: 
Indian Railways will use top-rate data analytics, simulation software, network optimization and decision support systems that will have real time functionality. Management and customers can use the data available to make informed decisions. This goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction, too.

Real time asset management systems: 
They would help managers to not only plan efficient operations & maintenance but also optimize asset acquisition for enhanced capacity. The management can also use financial data to dynamically plan and optimize cash flows.

Smart sensor ecosystem: 
Every year, Indian Railway consumes 3 million litres of diesel and 16 billion units of electricity. Smart sensors and networks along with real-time analytics can predict and optimize energy consumption for savings.

Stations go WiFi: 
Indian Railways has partnered with Google to offer WiFi services at 100 stations. This will expand to another 400 stations over time. It will also draw tech savvy millennials who can’t seem to get enough of the internet by reframing itself as a digitally savvy entity.

Amongst other services are integrating ecommerce as a potential platform to expand services and enhance digital monitoring using “Rakshak” devices that will keep an eye out for trains coming in the opposite direction, helping trains avoid head on collisions and making Indian Railways safer.

The Upshot:

These are very exciting times for Indian Railways. Even if we take into account the inevitable spillages in the implementation of the digital initiatives, the scope is so pervasive that it is safe to say that a digital transformation is underway. It is also in line with the bigger initiative of Digital India by Indian Government. Since the political will is very much in place, it is expected that Indian Railways is right on track, chugging its way into a digital future.
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