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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Get live Train Updates on Google Map - Indian Railways

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Commuters using the Western Line will soon be able to get live updates on trains via Google Maps, with the Western Railway (WR) working on a collaboration after their own app, DISHA, couldn’t provide the same.

On the Western Line, the Siemens and Bombardier rakes are already equipped with GPS, and working with Google Maps will be easy, WR authorities said. At present, there are 13 Siemens and 72 Bombardier rakes on the Western Line. Aarti Singh Parihar, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, WR, said, “We want to provide the live update of local trains and Google Maps is one of the options we are working on.”

The WR runs 1,322 services a day using close to 100 trains that carry nearly 35 lakh passengers. “Google is proving accurate traffic situation in cities, so this should be easy for them. We are in talks with Google, and this would be a major step forward as live updates for suburban locals will be done for the first time,” a WR official said.

In February, WR had launched an app called Digital Interface of Stations for Help and Amenities (DISHA) to provide updates on railway stations including passenger numbers, toilets and their location and the nearest ATVM. “We tried to provide everything in DISHA but are unable to provide live updates for local trains as a huge number of passengers log in at the same time, and the app cannot bear the load,” the official said.

Passengers seemed excited by the development. Seema Rai, who commutes daily between Nalasopara and Charni Road, said, “This will be a real help to passengers. There are times when we miss our trains as we don’t know its location. During an emergency or a problem affecting local trains, this will provide us with real updates.”

Sanjeev Barve, also a daily traveller on locals, added, “Sometimes, we run to catch trains as we think we will be late. Only when we reach the station do we come to know that the train is running late. This app will be convenient for passengers.”

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